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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2015 8:32 am

    1)No sexual,offensive and immature threads.  

    2)Respect everyone at all times.  

    3)Do not spam on topics and to anyone.  

    4)If you are interested to join CUC CS:GO or others, please go to the dedicated forums for the specified games and post your application there

    5)Avoid sensitive topics.  

    6)If the moderator, admin or any member doesn't reply you,please do NOT spam pm's or comments to them.They will surely reply back A.S.A.P

    7)No ad's about other forums or products here,its a forum not a market.  

    8)If one breaks a rule, feel free to report that person.  

    9)Vulgarity will not be tolerated.  

    10)No racism.  

    11)What the admins says goes.  

    12)Help new ones. Everyone was a noob at times.  

    13)Do not release your product ( example : a custom program ) without an agreement with the admin.The Admins will gurantee reply you so do not worry about delay.  

    14)Regarding Screenshots, photos must not exceed (800x600) pixels. If the image is larger, post a link instead.  

    15)English only.  

    16)Criticism is allowed but it has to be constructive. However, limit the criticism, not everybody is able to take it lightly.  

    17)Regarding recruitment, the Recruiting Officer will handle that.

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